2015 Ford Ranger Diesel

There are many great vehicles that are offered by Ford Company. Ford Ranger is believed to be one of the best models from this company. Many people are interested with this version because it has a lot of great features. The 2015 Ford Ranger diesel is a great option for people who want to choose the best vehicle with strong performance. This truck is very well-known for its efficiency, powerful engine, and also comfortable ride. When people want to buy this car, they should take a look at this article. Here are some important features that can be found from this truck.

2015 Ford Ranger diesel side2015 FORD RANGER: ENGINE AND FUEL ECONOMY

This 2015 Ford Ranger is supported by powerful engine. This car is famous for its reliability and energy saving feature. It is supported by its 2.2 liter 4 cylinder diesel engine. This powerful system can be used to produce a power for up to 147 horse power (HP and torque for about 375 lb/ft.lt. Many people are interested with this car because of this powerful system. It is estimated to use one gallon of fuel for every 29 miles on the city and also 33 miles on the highway street. It shows the fuel efficiency that is offered by this popular car.

2015 Ford Ranger diesel rear2015 FORD RANGER: MODERN INTERIOR

Some people are interested with 2015 Ford Ranger because of this modern interior. It is comfortable to ride this powerful car. It has some great options, such as leather seats, center console, and many other features. All buyers are able to add some of their favorite features to this car. Its center console is equipped with many great features, such as high quality audio system, navigation system, air conditioning, and many other interesting functions. This car is very comfortable for up to 7 passengers. Therefore, people are happy to use this car when they want to enjoy their vacation with their families.

2015 Ford Ranger diesel interior

2015 Ford Ranger Diesel Price and Release Date

This 2015 Ford Ranger diesel is very suitable for all people with their own needs. There are a lot of good reviews and testimonials about this powerful car. This basic version of 2015 Ford Ranger is sold for about $20,000. This car is going to be offered to public at the end of year. When people are looking for the best car for their needs, they can consider using this 2015 Ranger model. It also comes with many other interesting features that can increase the overall user’s experience. This model is considered as a good vehicle that can fulfill everyone’ needs and preferences.

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