2015 Ford Ranger Replacement Took a Backseat

It seems that the 2015 Ford Ranger replacement is not coming very soon. There are three reasons behind this big decision and these are as follows:

2015 Ford Ranger Replacement: Aluminum is not meant to work in a Ford Ranger

Experts explained that a new Ford Ranger is not economically advantageous for the next five years or more. So saying, the world needs to accept the fact that Ford will utilize a great amount of aluminum for the 2015 F-150.

A reliable source has said that Ford had a meeting with aluminum producers around the globe and it was mentioned that the producers cannot meet the huge deal of aluminum demand.

2015 Ford Ranger Replacement: Fuel Economy does not make sense

As discussed earlier, the aluminum is not meant to work with a 2015 Ford Ranger replacement. A new Ranger made of steel could have similar weight as compared to the 2015 F-150’s smaller versions.

Experts said that affordability is the primary reason of having a smaller truck. Despite of the fact that many people prefer smaller trucks, it is not still advantageous if their fuel efficiency is not up by a considerable edge as opposed to other trucks.

They added that Ford could absolutely create other un-sellable versions to achieve fuel efficiency, but they believe that Ford will not make that kind of decision.

2015 Ford Ranger Replacement: Ford’s overall rating will be affected

The two primary reasons why a new 2015 Ford Ranger replacement is not coming very soon are due to the issues on aluminum as well as fuel efficiency. The third reason is actually related to the first two reasons.

Being an established car manufacturer, the Ford will not let its overall rating to go down. Based on the account of many experts in the field, a new Ranger which will be created primarily for a size would not increase the Ford Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE). So, in the end, it can affect Ford’s overall standing badly. Simply speaking, the release of a new 2015 Ford Ranger replacement at this time is not feasible because its manufacturers do not believe that it can help Ford’s rating to increase.

After all that have been discussed, it is then safe to say that Ford is absolutely scrutinizing all the details as well as arrangements before releasing the new 2015 Ford Ranger replacement. Some would not agree because they are very much eager to witness the great evolution. But some choose to wait because they prefer to wait than to be dissatisfied with a non- eco-friendly Ranger.

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  • I’m a current Ford Ranger owner, 2000, mandarin gold of course. I attended the Detroit International Auto show this week expecting to see the new Ford Ranger and was thoroughly disappointed that the Ranger was not there, is Ford going to debut this product any time soon, or am I going to have to buy a Chevy Colorado? Love you Ford, please hurry!

    • Step up Ford give us our ranger!