2016 Ford Ranger Review

After an inactive period of about four years, Ford is making a comeback with a stylish compact pickup. Much of the details concerning the 2016 Ford Ranger review are speculations as no one is sure about its design, performance or even the engine options. Some rumors have it that the Ranger will be F-100. The truck will have to be smaller in size than the F-150 and F-100 will be a perfect choice for it. The F-150 model had a problem in its size. It was too large to be considered as a compact pickup truck. It is, therefore, apparent the new model will have some redesign. It will have some substantial differences and unique features compared to the F-150 truck. 2016 Ford Ranger is a worldwide brand and we, therefore, expect a stylish truck, but with no much difference from the previous models.


The much hyped 2016 Ford Ranger will be lighter and smaller in size than the previous models. It will also have emphasis on fuel economy. It beats logic to say that its payload and towing capacity will be less than for the F-150. There is no official information about the two capacities, but rumors speculate that it will have a tow of approximately 3,000 and a payload capacity of about 1,000 pounds. From the two estimates, it becomes quite clear that the truck will be compact. Apart from the two, we expect it to be superior to the other trucks in terms of fuel consumption.


It is expected that the 2016 FordВ Ranger will have a variety of engine options. The most favorite engine is the 2.0 l Eco boost. The engine produces 270 lb-ft of torque and a 240 horsepower. The engine has a EPA ratings of 30 on the highway and 21mpg in the city. The 2016 Ford Ranger can also be availed with the new 2.3l eco boost engine. The engine has direct injection features, as well as, a turbo charger. It produces about 305lb-ft of torque and 285 horsepower. The two engines are the favorites for the 2016 Ranger, but other engine types will also be availed.

2016 Ford Ranger: Price and Release Date

Its price details are also speculations, but will be cheaper than the larger F-150 model. Because the F-150 models goes for about $24,500, the 2016 Ford Ranger might retail at $20,000 or less. The release date still remains uncertain and will have to wait longer before it becomes available. It, however, must be on the streets by the start of the first quarter of year 2016.

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