2016 Ford Ranger Specs

Ford Company has returned to aggressively market their new pickup truck after having a short break. 2016 Ford Ranger is quite compact. However, the decision on whether to reenter the market under the usual name Ranger has not been decided yet; though there are rumors going round that this new model might be given a brand new name F-100 – a part of the Ford’s F-series.

2016 Ford Ranger steps on the market more redesigned compared with its predecessor. The series’ previous model possessed obvious flaws related to the weight and size of the truck. 2016 Ranger specs include a new redesigned model with a new, light aluminum body, as well as lower weight and special unique feature. For instance, the redesign will also include change grille, headlights, and bumpers. While the expertise in this model closely resembles that of the Ford’s F-series F-150, this time round the Ranger will hit the market with more performance to deliver.


The development of 2016 Ford Ranger will obviously be based on the popular Ford platforms Atlas. High-grade aluminum and high-resistance steel will be used to manufacture Ranger. The materials will majorly contribute to the less weight of the entire motor vehicle, but will be highly reliable and extremely durable.

With modern design and lines, 2016 Ford Ranger will also have its front and rear bumpers redesigned, giving it a more attractive look compared to the series’ previous model. In addition, it will have refreshed grill and will be fitted with new attractive style. Headlights will have sharper line, contributing to a much more aggressive look. The interior will have enriched features, new materials, and comfortable seats. The safety of the new 2016 Ranger is placed to a much higher level. The vehicle was 5 star safeties, placing it in line with highly secure motor vehicles. With a luggage capacity of 1000 pounds, it is a very spacious and highly functional modern pickup truck on the market.

2016 Ford Ranger: Engine and Fuel Economy

The model will offer more power, with an effective 2.0 – liter EcoBoost engine, which generates a high speed (up to 240-horsepower), and 270 lb feet torque. Ford Edge model is already being driven by identical engine. Fuel economy related performances include the 21 mpg for driving around the city and 30 mpg for superhighways and highway use. This offer will get the newest brand – 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo-charging engine, with direct injection for powerful driving force to deliver high speeds (up to 285-horsepower), and 305 lb feet torque. In addition, 2016 Ford Ranger will also feature excellent ecological characteristics.

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  • I have a 2010 ranger and would like to purchase the new 2016-17 ranger . When is the truck arriving? Please let me know!

    • I’m waiting as well. I saw one yesterday in Los Angeles. Looks bad ass and looks as big as a tundra. tried to waive at driver to ask where he got it but did not work. I want one. called ford dealers in L.A. but they’re also scratching their head how I saw one on street. I’m assuming its coming this fall (sep/oct 2016) when all new models come in. getting my check ready. have feeling people will over pay when it comes out.

  • 1999 Ranger supercab xlt 3.0
    2003 f150 supercab xlt 4.2
    bought both NEW, still own both with over 200K on each.
    the new f150 is more than I need,
    would really like to see Ranger’s return SOON.

  • new ranger way to big, looks like the 150. Need to make it the size of the original ranger with all the perks. No bigger than the fiesta with a bed