2016 Ford Ranger US

The Ford Ranger was probably the most popular smaller truck in the United States up until the year that Ford stopped making it available. Many consumers have noted that this move was a mistake though, and Ford may be coming around to offering it again. In fact, the 2016 Ford Ranger US version may be available soon.

Numerous pictures have caught the 2016 Ford Ranger being tested in the United States. However, although this news does not mean that the Ranger is a sure thing for the market in America, its appearance is causing hope for truck drivers who miss this model.


On the business side, the 2016 Ford Ranger would fill out Ford’s lineup and be a great addition to their current offerings. While it’s unsure of the specifications, if it came with the 3.2 liter diesel engine that’s capable of towing a train locomotive, it would certainly be very popular in today’s market. 2016 Ford Ranger is often called the global ranger, and is about 10% smaller than the Ford F150, but has much better fuel economy. In some cases, it may even reach about 30 miles per gallon.

Of course, the aluminum body structure and the 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 mean that the 2015 model F150 could possible have a great fuel economy, but this model is still more of a truck than most people need. A smaller, less expensive Ranger that’s designed for entry level truck buyers would find a wider appeal in today’s market. Since fuel economy is a primary factor when it comes to car buying decisions, this model is highly looked for by American truck owners.

2016 Ford Ranger: US Release Date

While the Ranger is currently available in other countries, Ford’s official position is that bringing the Ranger to the United State’s market doesn’t make financial sense at the current time. The marketing department has been referring interested consumers to the F150, thinking that it’s going to fill the need. However, as recent photos from the Denver area showed, deferring questions about the Ranger still hasn’t stopped Ford from testing it in the United States. Of course, with Ford’s attention and investments centered on launching the F-150 and also developing an overhauled lineup of their Super Duty models, it’s unlikely that the Ranger is high on their priority list.

While there is no current news on the Ranger and its role in the US marketplace, consumers are eagerly anticipating this announcement. With such attention, it’s going to be difficult for Ford to ignore this market segment.

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  • There are many of us just waiting for Ford to get with the program and release the new Ranger. After all there are only so many more miles left in my 2003. Oh, it has 277,000 plus and I still love it!!!

    • Shoot ive been driving my ranger since 97 on the second motor and tranny still awsome total miles idfk any more. this is the truck my Dad taught me how to drive a stick on got to love it.

  • Put me down for one as soon as they are for sale. We just junked one after “only” 367,000 miles. 🙂

  • Greetings:

    My 2005 Ranger 4×4 has 225,000 and expect it to easily run to 300,000 or until a new US Ranger is on the market. Thanks for building such a durable truck.

    My company also has several F350’swhich are the same size as the F150 . The F150-F350 size truck is just to big for every day estimating and running around like I do in the Ranger. The 30+mpg estimate is also of interest. At home, the full size pick up really does not fit in my garage.

    We have had Ford cars and trucks for 50 years and as a result cannot consider another compact pick up- just not the same quality!!!.

    Best regards

    Dennis M. Dowd

  • Not realizing Ford had killed the Ranger I went to my local dealer in 2012 intending to buy a new truck. What a huge disappointment. I was told there was much less profit in the Ranger than the F150. That may have been true. However there was zero profit in my buying nothing. I then refurbished my existing Ranger XLT 4X4. My 94 is in fantastic condition, probably good for another ten years. So, even if they do a US market 2106 I still won’t buy. Smooth move Ford. Hint; Full size trucks are far too large for a large share of trails here in the west.

  • I bought my third one four years ago. a 2009 FX-4 for $6200 .the owner said to me its has a lot of miles (162,000) its on borrow time. I said to myself that’s what you think ,and smiled back at him. Now 4 years later and 150,000 miles more. I was offed $6000 for it. I keep it in pristine condition runs and looks new. What a truck and what a deal. I think the new ranger won’t be as good.

  • I’ve had two Ford Rangers in the past and would like to buy a third one I will not buy an F 150 too much truck for what I need it for I guess I’m going to have to go with the Toyota are in GMC

  • Will be nice a ford ranger with. Ecoboost
    Engine and a 6 speed manual transmission

  • My 94 xlt is in fantastic shape going on 75,000 miles, it’s 2.3 4×2 can really pack a punch running about 350 miles a tank in the city. I was disappointed when they let the ranger go a few years back, perhaps they should see how some of their newer cars are selling across the country (in the next year or 2) and if 1 doesn’t do so well or as projected, (I’m sure there is one, the Taurus has been around for 35 years cough cough) then they could look into bringing back the ranger

  • Please bring back the Ford Ranger, at least for a year or two, because it will probably be my last vehicle. I have 257,000 on my 1997 and plan to drive it until it has nothing left. Best truck I’ve ever owned!

  • Our 2004 Sport Trac has almost 400,000 miles. Runs great but I NEED a new truck. Chevy/GMC nice, but no.

  • The liftover on modern trucks is just too much to be practicable.

    These fashion statement trucks are a pain in the tail for work.

    The last several years of Rangers still allow a liftover for tools supplies and gear for stuff going into the back and we can always tow a trailer when we have a larger need.

    To find a half ton or better which is usable for work you have to buy used starting in mid nineties or earlier.

    Sell the fashion statements all you want Ford, but bring back either something like the Ranger or even an F150 which is work truck sized with a suspension of practical height.

    That is all.

  • I currently own a 2012 Toyota rav 4 used own a 94 b2000 loved it bring the ranger/mazda back I will be running back to ford/mazda to buy one!!!!!

  • We are planning on buying a 2016 small truck – I guess it will have be something other than a Ford. The other Ford trucks are TOO BIG!! If you still want our business, you had better wake up! I have always bought Fords & don’t want to change, but it doesn’t seem that I have any other choice.

  • My ’07 only has 188k. I hope when they do bring the Ranger back it will still have a regular cab option. I HATE 4 door trucks.

  • I own a 2001 Ford Ranger extended cab 4×4 4.0 V6 with 218,000 miles. I love the rear doors that access the extended cab. It still has the original engine and automatic transmission. I pull trailers and use four wheel drive on a regular basis. I guess I will also just keep driving it until Ford produces another Ranger in the US. Built Ford Tough!

  • Since Ford won’t release a USA Ranger, and I see them when I’m in Monterrey, Mexico. I guess I will just have to start looking at bringing one back with me.

    It’s either that or put a bunch of cash into my 1999 Ranger to get it ready for another 20 years of use.

  • I owned 3 rangers,93,95,97. I wanted 4 doors so I went to sport tracs.01,02,04, and the last one an 08 adrinalin ( red 4.6 v8) which I dearly love. I had to buy the 08 used because ford in its infinite wisdom decided to quit making and marketing both. gm saw the opportunity and came back with the colorado and canyon. I think that ford shouldn’t let them get the best of them.


  • A friend had visited Argentina, and said the Ranger was available there. What a shame, I would like a smaller truck,I am tired of the big obnoxious.

  • Discrimination against short people. That’s the feeling I get. If someone wants a large truck they are everywhere. Go out and try to find something that I can use for light hauling without having to climb in to get something out of the bed. It appears that the possibility of the new ranger is going to help but will be still too tall

  • I have a 16 year old Sport Trac which is versatile, seats 5, very comfortable, hauls, and small enough to get around in shopping centers with no problem. Ford quit making them the same year. Ford, please don’t let me down. I don’t want to buy a Japanese vehicle. Was very disappointed when they quit making the Sport Trac.
    Love my car.

  • We have a motorhome, and I’ve been Ford my whole life. We would like to flat tow a truck in the 4,000 lb. area, and be able to haul a golf cart in the bed of the truck. Please bring back the ranger. A newer version in 4 doors would be great. and please make the bed of the truck between the fenders wells wide enough for a 4 foot wide sheet of plywood. If you don’t bring the ranger back I would be forced to by a Chevy, Colorado. Thats not smart for you to drive me away from Ford. you don’t make anything there, and might loose me to buying other vehicles from Chevrolet, or GMC in the future.