2016 Ford Ranger diesel

The now smaller and lighter 2016 Ford Ranger is set to make an impact in the market as it has been redesigned and will have an improved performance than any of its predecessors. To solve its flaws and problems of weight and size that plagued its predecessors, the 2016 Ranger Diesel will have a smaller sized body and have most parts made from aluminum. The 2016 Ranger has also made redesign changes on its grills, bumper and headlights.


The 2016 Ford Ranger will be designed on the Ford Atlas platform. It is set to have a more modern look, appealing appearance and design. The front and rear bumper of the truck will be redesigned to give it a better appearance. The grill has been refreshed and is to be fitted with new style. To give it a more aggressive appearance, the headlights have enhanced by giving them a sharper line.

The vehicle interior is set to get a makeover with introduction of a stylish and more powerful dashboard with perfectly integrated features and comfortable seats made of new materials. This Ford Ranger is set to have improved legroom and a luggage capacity of 1000 pounds. The compact pick-up will also be capable of towing about 3000 pounds. It is worth mentioning that the 2016 Ranger has been given a five star safety rating. This means that the ranger will be it one of the most secure vehicles in the world.


Engine power will not be an issue with the 2016 Ranger diesel. This is because the Ford team has added a 2 liter eco boast engine which has direct injection and turbo charging abilities that can generate up to 240 horsepower with a 270 lb. of torque. A similar engine is already running in the Ford Eagle model which has a performance fuel economy of 30mpg in highways and 21mpg in cities.

2016 Ford Ranger: Release Date and Price

Though the official release date has not been set, sources privy to its production say the 2016 Ford Ranger is set to be released in late 2015. The price range is set to be in the region of $20000, making it cheaper than the Ford F-150 which has a minimum price of $24,000.

Even though its release date may be far away time, the 2016 Ranger diesel, with its upgraded features, good fuel economy and better pricing is defiantly the best truck set to hit the market.

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  • Well something that really bother people who knows about the car/truck global market is that for the pass few decades you are able to get ford ranger with a diesel engine almost in any contry but united states

  • The American market is changing slowly regarding the diesel engine issues in light duty trucks. A lot has to do with reality television shows building up existing models with exterior upgrades to make them look cooler. The good news is the models used on the show deisel brothers never had to do anything to the engine at all to show off the power and extreme good looks of the truck once modified with tire and basic suspension upgrades. I look forward to seeing a new ranger or Bronco. I will trade in my current truck in a heartbeat to get one.No pun intended, cuz I don’t own a boat anchor with a bow tie. I have been patiently waiting for the market to change and it is warming up to diesel fuel.I would be glad to buy one and use the biodiesel to boot!