Does Ford Building Smaller Ford F-100 Pickup?

Lately, there has been a lot of speculations about ford working on a new F-Series truck which is a smaller and more fuel efficient version of the Ford F-100. This is according to reports from They managed to catch up with a convoy of Ford prototypes running the streets of Dearborn, Michigan. Even though the prototypes were heavily camouflaged, there were a number of things that were gleaned from the shots.


For starters, the shots reveal these may be the first prototypes for the 2015 Ford F-150 or the Ford F-100. The Ford F-100 may be a smaller new product meant to recapture the compact truck customers that Ford has been losing. Ever since they pulled the plug on the Ford Ranger, compact truck buyers were not happy with the ending of a very successful program. Ford probably thought that all of their Ranger customer base would go for the larger F-150. However, they have seen the effect of this and are probably trying to win back their customer base by building a smaller, more fuel-efficient product.

The trucks in the shots hide most of the styling details. This has made it difficult for people to reach conclusions with regard to size and packaging. One of the prototypes has wheel caps that indicate that there may be a lighter-duty, five-lug pattern instead of the six-lug specifications of the F-150.

Ford F-100: Features

The prototypes also had a split two-tip exhaust. This is similar to the Super-Duty trucks and suggests that the new truck may have a smaller diesel engine. From the back Ford F-100, it appears that the camouflage adds a sense of width to the trucks. However, the tires are well-seated within the arches. This suggests a smaller overall footprint as compared to the F-150 and a small profile truck.

It is undeniable that Ford’s future truck programs are moving beyond the mule stage. It is likely that these trucks will use a lot of new lightweight materials. They will also offer increased fuel economy in comparison to prior models.

These trucks have been designed to be fuel-efficient but not total work-trucks. They will be useful for people who may need the service of a truck at times, but only drive a car most of the time. These trucks may also come in handy for a commercial customer looking for a better fuel economy.

In a few words, Ford may have made a mistake by putting a stop to the Ford Ranger. The Ford F-100 could be a great decision and a brighter sales future for Ford.

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  • I’ve been a loyal Ford owner for 51 years. Galaxies, T-Bird, Maverick, Fairmont, LTD,
    Crown Vic, 2 Tempos, 4 Focuses, F-100, 3- F-150s F-250, F- 600. 3 Rangers and a new Escape.
    What I can’t figure out is why Ford had to dump the Ranger in 2011. Of all the units I’ve owned, the Ranger is the best, most reliable and durable rig they ever built. I bought the LAST Ranger 4×4 in the area around the St Paul plant on March 4, 2012.
    My experience with the 1990 and 2002 Rangers told me all I needed to know about buying the 2011 model. The 4.0/ 5 speed manual is bullet proof and 23 mpg. I swore this black XLT was my last pickup. If Ford would come back with a new Ranger or F-100 I’d be interested. There are lot’s of people who don’t need or want an F-150 or Super- Duty. Todays garages, parking stalls are smaller than the big iron Detroit wants us to buy. Ford knows what to do… If they want to remain the best selling truck “The F- Series” into the next decade, add the F-100 before GM walks away with the honors. While they fiddle around thinking about what to do, small truck buyers are switching over to GM and Toyota. The new Ranger styling is great and it would be a great addition to the Ford line.

  • I think it was the worst mistake Ford has ever made to stop making the Ford Ranger.
    I have been a Ford fan my entire driving life. My whole family buys Fords. When Ford brings the Ford Ranger to the U.S. I will be first in line at Carmody Ford Greenwich N.Y to check it out. I think bringing the Ranger back in the four door and two door 1/2 cab and single cab will be awesome and will give Ford a lot of good buzz.

  • I had in old days P100 seria pickup red it was great for work and put cover on back (sheet) then out social two jobs in one should have been more robust it would still be around bring it back l used to live in it for 2016

  • Come on Ford, get it going; put the F-100 into production. My 2002 F-150 has been a good truck, but I do not need the larger size anymore. I need smaller and more fuel efficient. Please do a crew cab, and not all full four-door cabs. Don’t make the fenders appear as if they were added on later as in Toyota’s Tacoma. Do not make all diesels either, do some gas engines. Maybe a four and six cylinder engine. Do something to give the Tacoma a run for its money. I thought I wanted the Frontier for a long time, but no more; however I can not wait forever for Ford to produce a reliable(like the F-150) small size truck since I am in my late 70’s. The smaller size would be ideal for us older guys, and I bet the young ladies would enjoy it also. DO IT GOOD, DO IT RIGHT, DO IT NOW.

    • fhartlI would be just as happy.If you come out with the 2011 ranger for 2016 & quit messing around.

  • It would be really nice if there was a small truck for us older people who can’t get into the really big trucks on the market now. I don’t know what took the manf. so long to figure it out, just ask older folks and u would have had your answer several years ago. hurry up, us older people arn’t getting a y younger get the idea?????